Thursday, May 8, 2014

Heart Polka Dotted Dress

Life has been extremely busy the last few days, so when I have a moment to lie in bed and surf the internet... I treasure it. I feel since finals and graduation last week, someone has pressed the fast forward button on the remote control of my life. Layers layers layers, I can't help it!  I seem to be obsessed with this styling method. I have a small waist, small upper body, long arms, short torso, and long legs (for a short person, ha). So I have a pretty tricky body shape to dress. This is why I love to layer it gives me dimension and shape. I usually have a hard time finding clothing that isn't too big for me, but when I layer I feel it distracts the eye from realizing how loose my clothing fits. I basically go for what works and repeat it. 

Oh, I am less than a week away from seeing Bombay Bicycle Club in Nashville! Eeek! 

Collard Top: Thrifted 
Dress: Tj Maxx
Black Top: Thrifted (Forever 21)
Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Target 

Happy Thursday, my friends!
xo Precious


  1. I adore that collard top, it goes really nicely with the dress! Have fun seeing Bombay Bicycle Club, I'm going to see them at a festival in the summer in the UK, super excited!

    1. Thank you! So you understand the magnitude of my excitement right now! You have fun too. I just know it is going to be a great show :)

  2. i love your style! you always have the best layers!


  3. Cute outfit! Nice job layering!


  4. Ahhhh your style is just so pretty ♥

  5. such a cute look, you're definitely rocking it! that's awesome you get to see bomaby bicycle club - love them!

  6. Aw this is so cute, I love it! That dress is too adorable for words and I so love your styling of it!

  7. Really great layering! The black top over it is just lovely. Also, you're too adorable!