Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Coffee Date

White Chocolate Mocha, yum!! 

Looking at other blogs for inspiration! I love reading blogs, obsessed! :) 

I love weekends such as this past weekend, where you don't have much planned and you just go with the flow. I am not much of a coffee drinker but I randomly spend my free time at cute coffee shops and indulge. I am also a big fan of hot chocolate or warm tea, just about anything that will make me feel warm. Since I am cold 98 percent of the time. I am really going to appreciate my weekends now that I am working two jobs. I have a full-time job at a developmental pre-school and a part-time job. I am working two jobs so that I can save up for my move to California and I am so excited! 

Thanks for wishing me good luck, on my interview!
 I love reading comments and they are so encouraging. 
You have no idea how they make me feel. 

xo Precious

Monday, July 28, 2014

Alice on Campus

I was gifted this dress by Choies and I absolutely love it. I know this post is a little bit picture heavy but I really wanted to showcase this dress. As soon as I received this dress I was ready to take it for a spin! This is definitely added to my favorite "summer dress list!!" I watched Alice in Wonderland a countless times as a child and for some reason this dress reminds me of something Alice would wear. 

Dress: Choies gifted
Top: American Apparel
Shoes: ModCloth
Purse: Forever 21 

What do you think? Do you think Alice would wear this? 

Have a great Monday, lovelies! 
xo Precious

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Suburbian Summer

I believe the "obsession-meter" for this dress is full. This is currently one of my favorite summer dresses. I randomly bought this dress on my trip to Nashville. My best friend and I decided to window shopping and check the city out. My eyes first met this lovely dress when we entered a cute boutique called Pangaea, its an eclectic shop with cool and funky items. I will put a link at the bottom so you can check it out, especially if you live in the Nashville area. I knew I had to buy her because of the many details she has, the wide blue and white stripes, the cap sleeves, and the pockets (yes I said pockets...need I say more?) I love how this dress is young and girly yet flirty. It also fits me pretty well, which is always a challenge for me since most things are always too big. 

Dress: Pangaea 
Collard Top: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 

Hey its Wednesday!! Hope you guys have a fantastic day!
xo Precious 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Least likely to be picked first

I am not even the least bit athletic or sporty. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I went for a jog or decided to make a trip to the gym. I know that I should make a habit of working out, so I can live a longer and healthier life. But for some reason working out is the last thing I think about when planning my daily agenda. I should add working out regularly to my summer bucket list and actually tackle it. :) 

On another note, I have a job interview tomorrow and I am really nervous. So I hope I get the job, if not than I have to continue job searching. I'll let you guys know if I get it. 

Long Sleeve Top: Forever 21
Collard Top: Thrifted 
Skirt: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 

What about you guys, do you work out on a daily basis?
If so, do you have any advice for me?  

Have a fantastic Monday, lovelies!
xo Precious 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Im sixteen going on seventeen...

"I am sixteen going on seventeen..." Something about this gazebo reminded me of that scene in The Sound of Music. Ironically people always mistake me for a teenager and then I always have to politely respond "No actually, I'm 25!" Then they look at me shocked and apologize. I find it so annoying when people think you are a lot younger than what you are. I know that 20 years down the road I will love looking younger, but right now its really annoying. It probably doesn't help that sometimes I dress like a little girl. For example this outfit, it is fun and quirky and probably doesn't look like what you would expect a 25 year old to wear but I don't care. So I guess I should just get used to people thinking I am possibly "16 going on 17"... ha ha!! :)

Dress: Choies
Pinafore: Forever 21 
Shoes: ModCloth
Bag: Thrifted 
Necklace: Ruche 

Have you ever had anyone think you appear younger than what you are?

Have a happy Thursday, lovelies!
xo Precious 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Selfie Shame

Whenever I scout locations for my photos I try to look for secluded spots or areas that I am least likely to be disturbed by confused strangers trying to figure out what I am doing. I can imagine that a girl dressed up and wearing bright, red lipstick taking pictures of her self on a busy street can look a bit strange. So I understand the stares, gestures, and random comments. For a lot of people, someone taking pictures of themselves and their outfits on a regular basis can seem a bit conceited. Which is why I don't bother to talk about my blog to many people who don't understand this.                                      

I love being able to share my style and the ways I pair outfits. I look at taking pictures of myself as an artistic medium through which I could inspire someone else's personal style. I love admiring other people's style and the ways they self express their personalities through clothing. I also find other bloggers inspiring and would love to inspire someone else. Since I have started blogging and taking outfits I have learned to be more comfortable with my body and posing. I have learned to appreciate who I am and ignore my imperfections. I have learned to celebrate me and in return I want to encourage others to do the same. 

So I encourage you to ignore the selfie shame and take a few photos of yourself and celebrate who you are!! 

Top: Thrifted 
Dress: ModCloth
Shoes: ModCloth 
Purse: Forever 21

Have a Happy Monday, lovelies!
Enjoy being you!!!
xo Precious