Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A day at the park

 I tried to become friends with these little guys, but they weren't having it! Oh well...maybe next time!

Yes, I am wearing a sweater covered in colorful pears in the middle of the summer. Plus I live in the south. Crazy, I know... but it was not very hot today. For some reason we had a really cool and breezy day. So whenever I am graced with the opportunity to layer up with a light cardigan, I can't pass it up. I don't know how many times I have mentioned it, but I love to wear layers!!

Despite the proximity of this park from my grandmother's house I don't visit this park often and I visit her rather frequently. Ironically when my sister and I were younger we would ask our grandmother to take us to this very park to take pictures.  We loved getting dressed up in our favorite clothes, pose, and take snaps on our disposable polaroid cameras. I guess old habits die hard... ha ha! My lovely sister took some pictures of me and a lady stared at me the whole time, awkward. When we finished she asked if my sister and I were twins...we get that a lot.                                                                      

Top: Thrifted 
Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Urban Outfitters 
Shoes: ModCloth

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!!
xo Precious


  1. very cute outfit!! i love going to the park :)


  2. Love it.. the sweater is so precious!! Looks great on you, great find!


  3. Love love love you blog and your style.
    I'll follow you on GFC. I'm also nominating you to thr
    Liebster Award. See the rules on my blog
    Es x x

  4. lovely sweater;d



  5. This looks like such a lovely day, I find that I get a lot of elderly people staring at me it's like go awayyyyyyy hahaha! I love this cardigan it is so quirky! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  6. that sweater is too cute!



  7. Ooh I love layering too! Even if it is too hot for a cardigan I always carry one with me, just in case! Aww those ducks are cute!

  8. Your cardigan is amazing, would never have thought to clash two prints like that but it looks brilliant!

    From Mollie @ http://www.mollieisabella.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. Haha thats such a cute story about you when you were younger, sounds like you were meant to be a blogger ;) I think its so funny when people stare while Im taking photos, as if I can't see them, especially since I don't think Im doing anything too strange. I love the cardigan! I collect cardigans and that is a fine printed one.

  10. That cardie is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I owned that I would try my very best to wear it all the time! You're rocking it. So glad to have discovered your blog :) x

  11. I love your cardigan! The colours are really cute :)