Saturday, September 27, 2014

Haley Solano Record Giveaway!

Hayley and I are partnering up and doing a giveaway on my blog! Hayley is giving away a hard copy of the song "If I Was There." To hear this song check out her music video below!  The rules to the giveaway are also there!

Giveaway Rules: 
1. Follow Ensemble Deux Blog
2. Follow Hayley's Blog
3. Comment on this post "Done" and add your email address.

This winner will be selected at random. The giveaway ends November 1. 
Good Luck! 

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Have a great weekend, lovelies! 
xo Precious 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Flower Garden + Growing Up

I just now realized that I look a little serious/sad in some of these photos. I want to reassure you that I am far from sadness. I am actually ecstatic today! A few days ago, I was offered a new job. I am so excited!! At the new job I will be making double what I was making at my old job. Also its my first big girl job after I graduated college. Which is quite ironic since this outfit reminds me of something a little girl would wear. I can't help it... I tend to yield to the child in me and allow her to influence my wardrobe. At least I am still young enough to get away with it. I am sure this ensemble wouldn't be as appropriate when I'm 80. But I am a person who dances to the beat of their own drum, so I can see the 80 year old me wearing something like this. We'll see... 

Dress: Forever 21 
Backpack: Ruche
Shoes: Tj Maxx 

Happy Hump Day, lovelies!
xo Precious 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fashion Friends: Meet Hayley!

Here on Ensemble Deux is a new series where I feature fashion bloggers that I have connected with or find inspiring. Meet Hayley Solano! I have had the honor of stumbling across her blog and met her through the internet. She has an amazing vintage inspired style as well as a voice like an angel. This singer/songwriter is super talented and fashionable. Continue reading to learn more about Hayley's personal style and musical career. Discover why she inspires me! 

How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine, vintage, and classic!

Who/what inspires your style?
I think a lot of what inspires my style is tied to my love for storytelling. Usually when I write a song, I envision everything about it, down to the outfit I'm wearing when I perform it for the first time! When I choose something to wear, it's all about what story I want to tell that day.

What is your favorite clothing style?
Anything with a feminine touch! I love details like buttons and pleats or embellishments like pearls and rhinestones. 

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Probably Audrey Hepburn! 

What is your favorite clothing piece?

What inspired you to start a blog?
I thought it would be a wonderful way to collect memories, take others on my journey as a singer-songwriter, and hopefully provide inspiration!

Tell us three fun facts about you?

Chocolate is one of my favorite things in life, I love surprising loved ones by sending unexpected goodies in the mail, and I can never have enough notebooks!

How long have you been writing and singing?

I've loved to write and sing for as long as I can remember! I put the two together and start writing songs about four years ago.

What inspires your song writing?

Definitely personal experience. I love making sense of situations through music. A lot of times I use songwriting as a means to make sense of past experiences. I love reflecting on and romanticizing memories in my songs so they usually have a very nostalgic feel.

Who are your favorite artists/singers? 

Some of my favorites are The Civil Wars, Skylar Grey, and Parachute.

Where is your favorite place to write?

My bedroom floor! I try to keep my room filled with as much inspiration as I can – favorite sayings, pictures, motivational quotes on the walls – so that I'm surrounded by what I love while I'm writing.

Among the songs that you've written, which one is your favorite?

So hard to choose! The answer to this question changes quite often as it seems the latest song I've written is always my favorite. I'll always be really proud of “If I Was There” as I feel that it accurately portrays a sense of longing to be with someone. Another one of my favorites is a really personal song called “Yes” which I'm definitely planning to release!

Dress: eShakti
Headband: Urban Outfitters 
Shoes: Aeresoles

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Have a  great  Monday, lovelies! 
xo Precious 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hanging Downtown + End of Summer Style

The subtle signs of summer coming to an end is filling my heart with joy. We've had a few cool days here and there and I am being reminded why I love autumn so much. I tend to like a little bit of all the seasons but I am biased when it comes to autumn, it's my favorite. There is no other place I'd rather be then sitting in front of a fireplace, wrapped in a blanket, drinking hot chocolate. 

Top: Tj Maxx
Dress:Tj Maxx
Purse: Etsy 

I decided to create an end of summer look with this blue gingham dress and pink cap sleeve top. This dress is a piece that will be easy to transition into fall. This ensemble reminds me of something "Little Bo Peep" would wear. Ironically I work at a pre-school, so it is not a shocker that a nursery rhyme influenced my outfit today. 

Hope you guys are having a lovely week so far!
xo Precious 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School + Abandoned Building

Well, the weather was pretty amazing over the weekend. When I say pretty amazing I mean in the upper 80's, for the south this is sweet relief. I can't believe we are already 10 days deep into September. Summer is officially over and students are back in school. For the first time ever I am not going back to school and I am ecstatic. But for some reason the nerd in me wants to sign up for Grad school just for the simple fact that I miss studying and being in school. Then I am quickly brought back to reality and pretend that thought never entered my mind. This is my back to school look and I hope you guys like it. 

Collar Top: Tj Maxx 
Dress: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 
Purse: Forever 21 

If any of you guys are still in school!
 I wish you the best of luck!

Happy studying, lovelies!
xo Precious

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dinner with Friends + Cool Wall

After a dinner with a few friends, I had to stop by this wall and take a few snaps of this outfit! Yet again I am mixing patterns...what can I say I love it. Looking though my closet this morning I thought this top and dress would look neat together. I was right they are a lovely couple! It ended up being a great decision. 

Top: Forever 21 
Dress: Thrifted 
Shoes: Tj Maxx 
Purse: Thrifted 
Necklace: Ruche

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!
xo Precious 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Afternoon Walks + Pushing Fall

Oh hey guys! Hope you're having a fantastic Wednesday! It's that time of year when I try to push the fall by wearing "fall-like" ensembles though the heat and humidity are sweltering. Just after I took these shots I had to take off the sweater because I was too hot. Until I was back in the AC and then I put it back on. There is nothing that frustrates me more than being cold. Even though I hate being cold, I love the Fall. I am so ready for the Fall! 

What about you guys? 
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 
Purse: Forever 21 
Have a great Wednesday, lovelies!
xo Precious