Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School + Abandoned Building

Well, the weather was pretty amazing over the weekend. When I say pretty amazing I mean in the upper 80's, for the south this is sweet relief. I can't believe we are already 10 days deep into September. Summer is officially over and students are back in school. For the first time ever I am not going back to school and I am ecstatic. But for some reason the nerd in me wants to sign up for Grad school just for the simple fact that I miss studying and being in school. Then I am quickly brought back to reality and pretend that thought never entered my mind. This is my back to school look and I hope you guys like it. 

Collar Top: Tj Maxx 
Dress: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 
Purse: Forever 21 

If any of you guys are still in school!
 I wish you the best of luck!

Happy studying, lovelies!
xo Precious


  1. Love this look! This is my first year not going back, too, and I miss it a little.


  2. Adorable dress! Polka dots are the best. This is also my first year of not going back, I don't miss it one bit! Although I do have the occasional thought of maybe going to grad school, I quickly ignore it!

  3. such a cute dress!


  4. You look so cute.. I love that top with the dress ♥

  5. What an adorable outfit! I love that dress, and you styled it so much better than I would! :)

  6. In love with outfit <3

  7. This dress is so cute, I love the blouse underneath

  8. loving the blouse; I actually need something like that for workwear!

  9. Omg I thought it was just a lovely 'one' dress but I realised... I love how you rock the collar top with the dress. Really like it :D