Monday, September 22, 2014

Fashion Friends: Meet Hayley!

Here on Ensemble Deux is a new series where I feature fashion bloggers that I have connected with or find inspiring. Meet Hayley Solano! I have had the honor of stumbling across her blog and met her through the internet. She has an amazing vintage inspired style as well as a voice like an angel. This singer/songwriter is super talented and fashionable. Continue reading to learn more about Hayley's personal style and musical career. Discover why she inspires me! 

How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine, vintage, and classic!

Who/what inspires your style?
I think a lot of what inspires my style is tied to my love for storytelling. Usually when I write a song, I envision everything about it, down to the outfit I'm wearing when I perform it for the first time! When I choose something to wear, it's all about what story I want to tell that day.

What is your favorite clothing style?
Anything with a feminine touch! I love details like buttons and pleats or embellishments like pearls and rhinestones. 

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Probably Audrey Hepburn! 

What is your favorite clothing piece?

What inspired you to start a blog?
I thought it would be a wonderful way to collect memories, take others on my journey as a singer-songwriter, and hopefully provide inspiration!

Tell us three fun facts about you?

Chocolate is one of my favorite things in life, I love surprising loved ones by sending unexpected goodies in the mail, and I can never have enough notebooks!

How long have you been writing and singing?

I've loved to write and sing for as long as I can remember! I put the two together and start writing songs about four years ago.

What inspires your song writing?

Definitely personal experience. I love making sense of situations through music. A lot of times I use songwriting as a means to make sense of past experiences. I love reflecting on and romanticizing memories in my songs so they usually have a very nostalgic feel.

Who are your favorite artists/singers? 

Some of my favorites are The Civil Wars, Skylar Grey, and Parachute.

Where is your favorite place to write?

My bedroom floor! I try to keep my room filled with as much inspiration as I can – favorite sayings, pictures, motivational quotes on the walls – so that I'm surrounded by what I love while I'm writing.

Among the songs that you've written, which one is your favorite?

So hard to choose! The answer to this question changes quite often as it seems the latest song I've written is always my favorite. I'll always be really proud of “If I Was There” as I feel that it accurately portrays a sense of longing to be with someone. Another one of my favorites is a really personal song called “Yes” which I'm definitely planning to release!

Dress: eShakti
Headband: Urban Outfitters 
Shoes: Aeresoles

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Have a  great  Monday, lovelies! 
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  1. she's gorgeous! love her dress!


  2. Love your idea of featuring other bloggers you're inspired by! Great post!

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  3. Such a pleasure to be your first "Fashion Friend" feature :) Thank you Precious! ♥

    1. No problem girl! It was a blast working with you! :)