Monday, October 20, 2014

Changing identity + Hanging out in an Alley

Some days I merely want to wear a pretty dress or throw on a blouse and a skirt and assume a new identity. I have moved quite a bit as a child and every time I would move to a new state, city, school, etc. I would would wonder how different the new place would be, and that I had the opportunity to be different. It was an opportunity for me to intentionally change personality traits that I hate. Mainly my shyness. But of course this never really happens because inevitably I'd always go back to being my shy self wherever I ended up next. Unfortunately, you are who you are and cannot completely change your personality. Which is why I would rely on personal style as a way to change my identity. If I want to look like a 1940's inspired librarian or a 1960's flower girl one day I could. For me getting dressed everyday is like getting ready for a year round costume party that never ends.

Top: Asos 
Dress: Forever 21 
Purse: Thrifted 
Shoes: ModCloth 

Have a great Monday, lovelies!
xo Precious 


  1. such a cute dress, love this!

    Nathalie | THE COVETING

  2. Lovely outfit!

  3. What a lovely look! Love your shoes.

  4. Prettiest shoes everrr! "For me getting dressed everyday is like getting ready for a year round costume party that never ends." - Oh yeah, absolutely! Embracing the eclectic wardrobe like each outfit is a new identity yet still ourselves and a way to express our mood.

  5. I really love your outfit, it's preppy in a cute librarian kinda way!x

  6. Such a cute outfit! I always liked starting a new semester of school, when no one knew me and I felt like I could take on a whole new persona. Of course I never did but it was fun to dream!

  7. What a cute look! I love the little pastel touch with your shoes.

    I had the opportunity to be different once and I definitely blew it. lol It's really hard to break out of your shell... but you have to remember you can make changes anytime!!

  8. such a cute outfit!! beautiful pictures!

  9. love those shoes!

    xx nikki