Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspirational Weekends

Over the weekend my sister and I escaped from one cute coffee shop to the next, for relaxing days away from home. It is nice to find that are cozy, welcoming and spark creativity. I spent the entire day being inspired by my surroundings and photography I found on the Internet. I also like how coffee a sense of community in the atmosphere. They evoke a sense of friendliness throughout the climate that makes most people feel connected in some way. Especially the coffee shops that have communal tables that make it utterly impossible to avoid sharing a table with complete strangers. For know coffee shops are a perfect escape for several hours....

If you know of other cozy places that I could spend a few hours, I would love to know!

Have a great Monday!
xo Precious 


  1. I love the mix of textures and patterns with the top, cardigan and bag. Chic and cozy, indeed! <3

    - Anna

  2. ah, so cute!

    xx nikki

  3. your pictures are really good!